Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Root Canal Therapy

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It’s never too late to take necessary steps to potentially save a broken or damaged tooth. Even if a tooth is scheduled for an extraction, an endodontics treatment such as a root canal therapy may be able to save it. Millions of teeth are saved every year thanks to root canals by removing damaged pulps and preparing a tooth for life without one. Although the pulp is the life force of the tooth, it may be possible for the tooth to function properly for a lifetime’s worth of use.

The more time you take protecting your smile, the greater your checklist is for assessing any damage that has occurred or can arise, and the greater your chance of oral health care success. It is important to be aware of all root canal therapy treatment options and why they are needed. If you have sustained damage to a tooth, and the pulp is vulnerable or infected, a root canal treatment will be extremely beneficial.

In many cases, root canal therapy can effectively save damaged or broken teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. Thanks to the miracle of root canal therapy, a tooth with a damaged pulp may be able to function effectively long after pulp death. Whether you have suffered pulp damage due to an accident or injury, repeated dental procedures to a tooth, deep cavities, or microscopic damage, speak with your dentist about receiving a root canal therapy.

A root canal therapy can be given with the help of our team of experts at East Indianapolis Dental Associates. If you need a dentist in Indianapolis, Indiana, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. James McAllister at our dentist office, by calling us at 317-357-8548.