Discussing Dentistry: Mouth Guards

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To help limit the signs of dental damage that may arise, you should make sure you’re using the appropriate mouth guard treatments. If your mouth guards are not designed to contour to your exact dental impression, you could be putting your teeth at risk of various forms of dental damage. Not only can you end up with chipped or cracked teeth, but you may also end up knocking teeth out completely. By using preventive oral appliances such as mouth guards, you can drastically lower your risk of damage.

Choosing the right mouth guard is important to make sure that it can function properly. Oftentimes, individuals believe that all mouth guards will work the same, but they may not. By using a stock mouth guard that is purchased at a store, you run the risk of it not fitting correctly or being bulky and uncomfortable. Instead, visit our doctor so a customizable mouth guard can be crafted for your exact dental impression.

Once the perfect mouth guard has been designed for you, make sure to always wear it at periods of high risk. Furthermore, be sure to take care of it so that it does not become contaminated or damaged. If your mouth guard ends up contaminated, you can rinse it off in soapy water to help ensure that bacteria and germs are not transferred into your mouth when wearing it. However, if any damage should occur, visit our doctor so that a replacement or a restoration can be administered.

If you would like to set up a mouth guard session at East Indianapolis Dental Associates, you are welcome to call our dental office in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 317-357-8548. Dr. James McAllister and our entire team look forward to enhancing your smile.