Focus Your Oral Health Care on Teenage Dentistry

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If being a teenager wasn’t hard enough, along with fluctuating hormones, they also have to deal with numerous changes and risks to their oral health. As the last of our teeth finally begin to grow in as a teen, it is important to make sure they grow in correctly. Not only can wisdom teeth growing in improperly, but numerous habits you partake in, such as wearing mouth jewelry, smoking or using drugs, or playing sports, can all affect your oral health.

If you wear mouth jewelry, it is important to remember that it can wreak havoc on a person’s smile. Lip and tongue rings can lead to nerve damage, oral inflammation, choking, infectious diseases, and even chipped and cracked teeth. Other potential risks that teens should watch out for include smoking and using drugs, both of which can severely damage their smile.

Be aware that playing any sports, especially contact sports, can directly lead to oral accidents and injuries to a teen’s smile. If you are involved in any high-risk activities such as sports, always remember to wear the appropriate safety equipment. This includes mouth guards, face masks, helmets, and any other potential safety gear available.

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