Improve Your Routine by Knowing These Oral Hygiene Secrets

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If you think you have the perfect oral hygiene routine, think again. There is always room for improvement. Little did you know, there are oral hygiene secrets that can help you have the top-notch oral hygiene routine your smile needs. Our dentist, Dr. James McAllister, wants you to have the effective and successful routine you desire, so he would like to share those secrets with you!

The first secret is to brush your teeth enough. This means you should brush twice a day (every morning and every night) for two minutes each time. If you have a hard time doing these things, set a reminder on your phone or write yourself a sticky note. Then, as you brush, play a two-minute YouTube video, listen to a short song, or set a timer for yourself.

The second secret is to keep your toothbrush clean. This doesn’t mean you should put a toothbrush cover over your brush right after you use it. It means you should thoroughly clean the bristles when you’re done brushing and then place the brush upright in a place where it can air dry. Do not put the cover on the brush until the bristles are no longer wet.

The third secret is to look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This logo can be found on the packaging and it proves that the tool is safe and effective for use in an oral hygiene routine. The tool won’t harm your teeth and gums when you use it. So, please keep an eye out for this logo when you’re purchasing oral hygiene tools.

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