Signs and Symptoms of Bruxism

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Bruxism is an oral health condition where individuals grind their teeth unconsciously. Because this often takes place while sleeping, it’s possible to go years without ever being aware of the problem. Over time, this small grinding and clenching of teeth together can weaken tooth enamel and erode your teeth. Are you damaging your teeth without even knowing it? Here are some signs and symptoms of bruxism:

– You were diagnosed with a temporomandibular disorder that has weakened the joints in your jaw.

– You experience pain in your head in areas apart from your jaw, including your face and ears.

– You have teeth that seem to be worn down or are sensitive to the touch.

– You may have bruxism if your jaw sometimes locks up or gets stuck in place.

– You have difficulty or experience pain when fully opening and closing your mouth

– You have strange markings and indentations within your tongue and inner cheek tissue.

We are pleased to offer custom night guards/bruxing appliances for our patients who suffer from teeth grinding. For more details about bruxism or using a night guard to treat your symptoms, please call 317-357-8548 at East Indianapolis Dental Associates in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. James McAllister and our team are here to help you find out if a night guard can restore your healthy smile!