For patients who suffer from a deep-set fear of the dentist, Dr. James McAllister may recommend IV sedation to ease the process of treatment. IV sedation provides a deeper level of sedation than oral or nitrous oxide. If you are nervous about an upcoming appointment, we encourage you to talk to our team at East Indianapolis Dental Associates to learn if you would benefit from IV sedation in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Avoiding dental care can result in very serious oral health concerns. With the help of IV sedation, patients can feel fully relaxed throughout the course of their appointment. Benefits of IV sedation include:

  • Deep, fast-acting results
  • Reduction of the gag reflex
  • Adjustable levels of sedation
  • Patients remain awake and responsive

Before undergoing treatment, you will receive the sedation intravenously, placing you in a relaxed state of mind that will continue until your dentist has completed the procedure. Many patients feel sleepy or out of sorts after using IV sedation. If you plan to undergo sedation dentistry, please schedule a ride home prior to your appointment. Prior to your appointment, our team will thoroughly discuss with you pre- and post-procedure preparation.

At East Indianapolis Dental Associates, you no longer need to worry about receiving dental treatment. For more information regarding IV sedation, feel free to contact our office today.