Stick to Sugarless Gum for a White Smile in the Bright Summer Sun

Did you know that your oral health can actually benefit from further treatments beyond brushing and flossing, such as chewing sugarless gum in between brushing those pearly whites? Well, it's true! Studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum for a period of roughly 20 minutes, preferably after eating, it can generate saliva production and help neutralize the acids that... read more »

Understanding Which Floss is Right for You Can Help Your Oral Health

If you struggle with choosing a dental product, you are not alone. With so many options, how do you know which one to choose? Understanding which floss is right for you can help your oral health improve and stay on a healthy track during this new year. Here at East Indianapolis Dental Associates in Indianapolis, Indiana, our professional staff is... read more »

What Can I Expect With Dental Filling Treatment?

Dental fillings in Indianapolis, Indiana, are strong dental products that can save and restore your tooth after it has been attacked by tooth decay. The process involved in placing the filling is simple, easy, and painless. When you come into East Indianapolis Dental Associates to improve your oral health, you can expect the following treatment steps: Step 1: To begin,... read more »