Fixing Your Yellow Teeth

If your teeth are turning yellow, you may feel self-conscious about how they look, the condition could be linked to any number of things, some of which could use the attention of a dentist. If your enamel is starting to wear away, the dentin underneath, which is yellow in color, may become visible. Tobacco can cause cancer and contribute to... read more »

An Avulsed Tooth Can Often Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

When a tooth is avulsed or knocked out, the trauma often results in total tooth loss. In many cases, Dr. James McAllister will need to extract any remnants of the root from the socket and suture the gums. When you are ready, your dentist can help you restore the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a dental implant. A dental... read more »

Fractured Tooth Enamel Might Need to Be Restored by a Crown

Your tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to bite, chew and grind hard foods. Unfortunately, there are still times when your tooth enamel can be fractured. This could be as traumatic as a blow to the face or as mundane as grinding your teeth at night on a regular basis. If the fracture in the enamel is too... read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry for Missing Teeth

If you’ve lost a tooth, you probably know that you should have it replaced. Dental treatments for replacing a tooth, which are commonly referred to as restorations, have come a long way in recent years. In fact, most treatments are designed to look and feel like a natural tooth. Still, if you’re missing a tooth—or worry that you might one day--do... read more »