The First Steps in Treating a Dental Accident

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Do you know what steps to take when protecting your dental health after an oral accident? We typically prepare for physical injuries, but often fail to learn how to protect teeth from injury. Our dentist and team offer these safety tips to help you treat your smile in the event of dental trauma:

– If your crown fell out or was broken, you can dab the sensitive area with clove oil. To temporarily place the crown back in its spot, first coat the inner area with store-bought dental cement or denture adhesive.

– If a tooth has been chipped or broken, save the loose bits if possible. Keep the damaged tooth moist at all times and preserve a knocked-out tooth in case our dentist can save it. If any bleeding has occurred, gently rinse with warm water and place gauze over the affected area. You can also hold a cold compress against the outer cheek to control pain and swelling.

– If you a part of your braces or wire is broken, cover the broken end of the break with dental wax or a piece of gauze or cotton ball. Don’t try to cut off or remove the broken appliance yourself.

– If a dental filling was lost, sugarless gum can cover the tooth temporarily.

The most important step in treating a dental emergency in Indianapolis, Indiana, is to seek help by contacting East Indianapolis Dental Associates at 317-357-8548 or, if the situation is severe, visiting the emergency room. Dr. James McAllister and our team will do our absolute best to make you comfortable and restore your smile.