You Can Fortify Your Tooth Enamel with a Simple Fluoride Treatment

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Even though the mineral structure of your tooth enamel is very hard, it can still be weakened by consuming acidic foods and drinks. As time goes on, this process of demineralization can lead to tooth decay and sensitivity issues.

If your teeth show signs of tooth decay problems, or if you’ve struggled with multiple cavities in the past, Dr. James McAllister might suggest a fluoride treatment.

Fluoride acts to counter the effects of demineralization by restoring the microscopic mineral crystals that make up your tooth enamel.

Dr. James McAllister will usually administer the fluoride treatment immediately following your regular dental checkup. This is done by pouring concentrated fluoride gel into special trays that are inserted into your mouth and left there for a few minutes. This allows the fluoride to penetrate your teeth. You will need to avoid eating and drinking for up to an hour to maximize the fluoride saturation of your teeth.

It’s also a good idea to use a fluoride-fortified toothpaste when brushing your teeth. This will help increase your daily fluoride exposure to keep your tooth enamel strong in between your regular dental checkups.

If you are concerned about the health and integrity of your tooth enamel, you should call East Indianapolis Dental Associates in Indianapolis, Indiana to see if you are a good candidate for a fluoride treatment.